About ConnectMe

What do we do?

With ConnectMe, you can create your own Social Bots (Sobots) to automate your activities across your social media platforms. We offer great features that give you more control.

We share the belief that you can setup an intelligent social media presence even when you are not physically active on your social media accounts. Sharing, saving and modifying files from different sources has never been much easier. Translating information to your choice language as much anticipated is here now.

Remember, with great ideas comes great achievements and accomplishment


What are Sobots?

Sobots an accronym for Social Robots or rather social bots are connectMe services which are created to do social media automation on behalf of our esteemed users.


What added features does ConnectMe offer?

Theres a whole lot of features offered on this great platform including, trigger/excluse words, file downloading, language translation, audio tagging and more. Please visit our features page to find out more